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    Lovely King

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    Type(avatar/signature/wallpaper/etc.) : Header
    Size : 835 x 158
    Primary&Secondary colors : White-Green
    Text : Top Youth
    Other details :  I want it to be like this

    Banner for gaming forum 20691010
    1- Replace the blue background with transparent  background
    2- Replace" Forum FM of the forums" with " Top Youth"
    3- Replace " the support...." with " Free Games-Programs-Books"
    4- I want one of these men in this picture to be above letter "O" In "Top" word
    and the other one to be above letter "O" in "Youth" word and make both of them as watermark.
    Banner for gaming forum Promotional

    5- Replace this image
    Banner for gaming forum Untitl24

    with this image
    Banner for gaming forum Chair-2-icon
    Plz don't tell me I steal the copyrights bcoz I can't make more than these changes in the information above Banner for gaming forum 2872060910


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    I can't put that : because have a backgrond , find other image out of bg like the chair

    Lovely King

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    ok add this instead of the previous picture

    Banner for gaming forum Pistol-icon

    put it above "O" in "Top" word

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