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    Rules :
    1.You must have at least 5 forum posts to make an application for images(avatars/signatures/wallpapers/etc.)!
    2.You may not make bump, only if it has been 24 hours of the request and no one answered!
    3.You are allowed to request 1 image per 72 hours (3 days)!
    4.If the user making the request use the signature/avatar creations and says that he wait for others will receive "Topic Closed" because he has already use one of the works!
    5.Designers can lock topics and if others members respond / don't respond!
    6.You mustn`t request 2 images in 1 topic(example: Signature&Avatar)!
    7.Do not send pm to members/staff members in order to check your request.

    Model :

    [b]Stock/render(only for the necessary,namely avatars/signatures/etc.) :[/b]
    [b]Type(avatar/signature/wallpaper/etc.) :[/b] Your answer here
    [b]Size :[/b] Your answer here
    [b]Primary&Secondary colors :[/b] Your answer here
    [b]Text :[/b] Your answer here
    [b]Other details :[/b] Your answer here

    The members who will not respect the rules/example will enter the "Blacklist"!They can`t make graphic requests for an unknown period.So, check out !

    Nobody is in the blacklist !

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