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    Hello everyone , if we have some graphic designers in our community and they want to show us their art , this is the ideal place but are and some rules.

    1) You aren't allowed to have more than 1 topic , if you want to share with us your last art just edit the main post or make another post on your topic.
    2) You are allowed to make double post only if you want to share new art with us , you aren't allowed to use "BUMP" or something like that , if you don't have minimum 3 images new in post , your topic will be closed for 7 days.
    2) You are allowed to share with us your deviantART portofolio , in this case , you can put the link only on your deviantART , you can share with us and another graphics.

    That's all friends in this moment , please read this topic more times because we can change the rules in any moment out of your knowladge.

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