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    Q:What is This ?
    A: When you create a topic you will see , after your username is [User] ( that is basic ) but you can change this with what you want if you had some points.

    Q:For What is ?
    A: If you don't like to have [User] / [Power User] after your name this is ideal , you can replace with what you want for example you have : [User] and can replace with [1998] for example , whatever !

    Q:How long is that
    A: After a change , this is permanently , but you can spend your points again and get other membertitle

    Q:How much cost?
    A: You need to had only 100 points , if you had that , you can post here with message "I've Got 100 points , my new membertitle is : [Best]" or something like that

    Hope you like our new plug-in and ...enjoy.

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     » Studio » Shop » Buy Membertitle

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